Level 2 Drop Into Life Course – ‘The Seasons of Life’

Course Content

This 2-Day Course is the ‘Drop into Life’ Level 2 Course where students look at the Four Seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn in relation to colour and the ‘Drop into Life’ kit which can be purchased at the Foundation Course. This course will also explore the branches of the ‘Drop into Life Tree’ and the choices we have made in life and how we can view ourselves through our paths taken and paths of the tree.

Student Will Learn

• A deeper understanding of ourselves
• Intro to the colour wheel & complementary colours
• An understanding of ourselves as the seasons change throughout our life and in the lives of others
• Connecting to nature through the essential oils and allowing the essential oils to help us with moving forward in life
• Drop into and Drop out of qualities for each colour and the core values of a colour on the Drop into Life Tree
• The deeper use of affirmations
• Understanding the Base, Middle and Base notes of essential oils and their qualities in relation to the Drop into Life Tree
• How to make an essential oil blend based on a client’s colour selection from the Drop into Life Tree point of view
• Understanding your own unique Drop into Life Tree colour code
• Demonstration and practical work in the interpretation of colour selections from the Drop into Life Tree

Training notes and a Course Certificate are included
Students are required to bring coloured pencils, pen and a notebook
Please bring a share plate each day
N.B ‘Drop into Life’ Kits; Essential Oil Care Kits; Emotional Aromatherapy Essential Oils; and Personal Blend Kits will be available at the course for sale.
The pre-requisites for this course is the ‘Drop into Life’ Foundation Course – ‘Seed of Life’


If you are interested, please contact Vicki by phone on 04 1785 5598 or by email at colourtherapy@hotmail.com

Due to covid circumstances, the workshop dates and prices will be advised.

Looking forward to meeting you!