Level 3 Drop into Life Course - 'The Sacred Kabbalah'

Course Content

A 4-day insight into the Sacred Kabbalah.

Student Will Learn

• Intro to the tree
• Ancient Alchemy
• The Lightening Flash
• The Path of the flaming sword
• The 3 pillars
• The triangles
• The spheres
• The major Arcana (The Tarot)
• The 3 veils
• The Archangels
• The healing energies within the tress
• Numerology

The Kabbalah is residential, includes accommodation, food and 4 days of teaching. Price on application


If you are interested, please contact Vicki by phone on 04 1785 5598 or by email at colourtherapy@hotmail.com

Due to covid circumstances, the workshop dates and prices will be advised.

Looking forward to meeting you!