My Courses

Individual & Couple Massage Training

Learn how to provide a good massage for your partner or future client.


Chakra Balance Massage Course

It touches the very soul with loving energy, colour, breath, sound and essential oils. It reaches deep to release all that is no longer needed emotionally and frees you to live your life more joyfully.


Drop into Life ™ Colour and Essential Oils Practitioner Training Courses

These practitioner courses offer enhanced understanding of colour and working with the Drop into Lifesystem. 3 levels are offered.


‘The Illuminating The Light Bodies’ Course

Drawing on her many years as an experienced healer, Vicki Engeham has created this unique treatment which is a complete and holistic treatment for mind body and soul providing a nurturing and inspiring experience for the body and the soul to heighten ones awareness and to reach the highest level of relaxation of the auric fields whilst harmonizing and re-balancing the energies of the 7 Chakras & the 7 layers of your aura.