'Illuminating The Light Bodies" Course

Course Content

Drawing on her many years as an experienced healer, Vicki Engeham has created this unique treatment which is a complete and holistic treatment for mind body and soul providing a nurturing and inspiring experience for the body and the soul to heighten ones awareness and to reach the highest level of relaxation of the auric fields whilst harmonizing and re-balancing the energies of the 7 Chakras & the 7 layers of your aura. This course will teach you the 'Illuminating the light bodies' course and will take you on a journey to find yourself, through the rainbow and beyond. The 'illuminating the light bodies' course teaches students to provide the ‘Auric Body’ Treatment which is a therapy including a complete whole back of body treatment using a lymphatic massage technique. The front of the body treatment includes the use of essential oils, coloured silk drapes, blessings, crystals & sound to activate your Chakras and Auric Field. An 'illuminating the light bodies' session is followed by a brief ‘Drop-into-Life Card’ reading. During this course, students will learn the whole treatment sequence using the Drop Into Life™ Essential Oils, Colour Cards and Care Kit to activate the Chakras and the Auric fields. To provide this unique treatment, students will learn the application of:

• A Drop Into Life™ a relaxation oil
• The Drop Into Life™ oil blends and colour cards
• Specially Selected Crystals
• Blessings for each chakra
• The Drop Into Life™ spray essences
• Coloured Silk Drapes
• Affirmations
• The use of Sound
• The technique of ‘Sweeping’ the Body


If you are interested, please contact Vicki by phone on 04 1785 5598 or by email at colourtherapy@hotmail.com

Due to covid circumstances, the workshop dates and prices will be advised.

Looking forward to meeting you!