Drop into Life ™ Colour and Essential Oils Practitioner Training Courses

What Is Drop Into Life™

Drop into Life™ is a brand new and exciting Colour & Essential Oils Care System, designed by 5 co-founders, which uses the transformative power of colour and essential oils to help people achieve their potential.

A pivotal tool is this system is the Drop into Life™ Colour & Essential Oils Care Kit which includes a Guidebook and Cards. Individuals love the accuracy and depth of meaning of the colour interpretations in the Guidebook and Cards. When a person choose a colour, it’s like they are loving the inner wisdom which is calling them, inviting them to become aware of qualities that define their essence, and personal qualities that they may not have appreciated.

The Guidebook and Cards help individuals realise who they truly are and what they are experiencing at any given moment whilst giving a profound yet easy way to change their life by using the recommended essential oils and affirmations arising from a Drop into Life reading.

Further information about ‘Drop into Life’ can be found at https://www.dropintolife.com.au/

Drop Into Life™ Courses

These practitioner courses offer enhanced understanding of colour and working with the Drop into Life™system.

Drop Into Life™ Level 1 Course: “The Seed Of Life”

The Level 1 Course – the seed of life course, is suitable for those who wish to pursue Drop Into Life consultations training, enhancing their understanding of colour and its links to essential oils. This is the beginning of building a consultant practice.


Drop Into Life™ Level 2 Course: “The Seasons of Life”

The Level 2 Course is the seasons of life course and advances upon knowledge learned in the Foundation course.


Drop Into Life™ Level 3 Course: “The Sacred Kabbalah”

A 4-day insight into the Sacred Kabbalah.


Course Facilitators

Vicki Engeham and Tricia Sharkey are facilitators of the Drop into Life™ courses and bring their experience as International teachers of Colour Therapy and Massage; Aromatherapy and Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life Instructors’ to teach courses to students using the Drop into Life™ products.


If you are interested, please contact Vicki by phone on 04 1785 5598 or by email at colourtherapy@hotmail.com

Due to covid circumstances, the workshop dates and prices will be advised.

Looking forward to meeting you!