Chakra Balance Massage Course

Course Content

It touches the very soul with loving energy, colour, breath, sound and essential oils. It reaches deep to release all that is no longer needed emotionally and frees you to live your life more joyfully.

This 2-Day Course is beneficial to Massage and Health Therapists and laypersons alike, allowing you to learn a simple massage technique which activates the body’s energy centers, known as Chakras and also experience profound healing for both yourself and your clients. No previous massage experience is necessary.

What Students Will Learn

Students will learn:
• An introduction to the ‘Chakra Balance Massage’ Course using the Drop Into Life™ products
• A practical hands-on massage technique using the Drop Into Life™ products and oils on the body
• The 7 initiations of colour as a higher level of vibration of experience
• Sealing & protecting the layers of the Auric Field with essential oils
• The use of the Drop Into Life™ products as healing tools
• Healing with Essential Oils, Ancient Sound, Colour & Crystals
• A profound healing massage technique for the Chakras


If you are interested, please contact Vicki by phone on 04 1785 5598 or by email at

Due to covid circumstances, the workshop dates and prices will be advised.

Looking forward to meeting you!