Meet Vicki

What She Believes In

Vicki Engeham is the Director of the Australian Centre of Colour Therapy and Healing Arts, Cairns, Australia. She is an Australian professional healing bodywork therapist whose particular specialty is in colour therapy and aromatherapy, with nearly 35 years experience working both in Australia and Overseas as a practitioner and educator of Natural Therapies since 1985. Vicki holds a Diploma of Aromatherapy; a Diploma of Massage; and a Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy, as well as Qualifications in Shiatsu; Reiki; Body Therapies; Colour Therapy and the Louise Hay Self Awareness & Counseling Course. Vicki’s qualifications arise from her numerous studies at institutions in Australia, the U.S.A. and the U.K over a 35 year period. She is also an author of a Chakra Balance Book, angel cards, numerology cards and meditation CD.

Vicki’s career has included being an Internationally recognized Colour and Massage teacher and Louise Hay Instructor. Vicki devotes much of her time to teaching colour and aromatherapy courses as well as residential workshops around Australia and overseas.


Vicki’s client-based services include Massage; Aromatherapy; Colour Therapy; Chakra Massage; Life Readings; and Teaching One Day Healing and Transformational Courses as well as Essential Oil Information Courses. Vicki teaches her courses with gentleness and integrity whilst providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment where students and clients may experience therapy and healing through the powerful self-healing through colour and essential oils. Vicki’s workshops are fun and inspiring provided in a wonderful healing environment.


Vicki gives and teaches therapy sessions. Please allow yourself to browse through her sessions and courses and see if you would be interested!