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Hi I’m Vicki Engeham! I have been working in the field of healing body work for the past 35 years, which has taken me around the world teaching courses and an author of the chakra’s colour book. I believe using the aspects of colour, sound, essential oils and massage can help restore harmony and balance to the body’s energy system. A healing energy session can help with depression, anger, worry and anxiety. It often can help heal old fears, bringing a feeling of confidence, optimism, joy, balance and wellness. With awareness, one can take responsibility for one’s own healing process and maintenance of health

- Vicki Engeham

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I choose and read one of Vicki's beautiful Numerology Cards each morning to start my day with positivity and purpose.

Karen Seindanis, Designer, Port Pirie SA

Over the last few years, I’ve attended many of Vicki’s courses, and each one has been an amazing experience of love, nurturing and knowledge. I’ve not only learned valuable skills and techniques to use in my practice, but more especially, a style of teaching that is unparalleled and which not only move me deeply, but constantly motivates me to be a better teacher myself.

Linda Graham, Colour Therapist and Teacher, Perth WA

Vicki's courses are inspirational. They allow you to examine your soul and to find inner peace and happiness.

Dr Deborah Miller, Adelaide SA

Colour has always been very important to me, but has become even more meaningful, as well as therapeutic, since becoming aware of the Aura-Soma system. I’ve gained insight to personal challenges and strengths, as well as greater ability to understand my feelings. It has added a dimension to my art work that was not previously there, and it has given me deeper understanding about the creative process.

Ardys Zoellner, Artist/Designer, Alice Springs NT

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May all beings be peaceful, May all beings be safe, May all beings awaken to the light of their true nature, May all beings be free.

- Sandaleke Prematilaka

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Blended essential oils, crystals, Affirmation Numerology Cards...They help with stress, relaxation, balance and grounding providing insight and guidance as part of your wellness practice.


Drop into Life 'Colour & Essential Oils Care Kit'

This unique Kit contains all you need to transform your life using colours and essential oils. You can use it for yourself, for family and friends, or as part of a wellness practice for clients. The Cards and Guidebook are packed with easy to follow information and instructions. It is also an invaluable tool for striking up a meaningful conversation with someone. Vicki Engeham is a Drop into Life Practitioner and Teacher and you're able to purchase the unique kits directly via the Drop into Life website. Please click on link below to purchase.


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