Desert Retreat – 2017

Discover Your Soul in Central Australia on this 8-day Desert Trip Retreat

Throughout history, the great teachers and prophets of the world have gone into the desert to experience the stillness within the soul.

Vicki & Christine will guide you into a journey of timelessness of Colour, Sound and Ancient Wisdom. Seek the knowledge of the Ancients in an ancient landscape.

This residential workshop gives you the opportunity to be in the stillness and experience your divine soul self.

You will have the opportunity to experience a connection with the earth and your soul through sharing of Aboriginal wisdom and knowledge through Aboriginal Artists.

It is time to remember. Feel and hear your own soul sounds through meditation and other experiences. As you become one with the land, your true authentic voice will be revealed. Experience your soul connection with the earth through your sound.


Dates: 1st May – 9th May, 2017

Cost:   $2900 AUD

To secure your place for this residential retreat, a deposit of $300 AUD is required.

A balance of $2600 AUD is then due by Monday April 10th, 2017

NB: All deposits are non-refundable. Payment plans available. Contact Christine for details.

* Contact Christine on 0408 181 208 or email to arrange course payment.


  • Vicki Engeham: International Colour Teacher, Author
  • Christine Morrison – Musical Alchemist, Sound Healer, Composer

Venue: Ooraminna Ranges, Uluru & Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory.

Come to the desert to discover you soul in the quietness, ambiance and stillness of this ancient landscape.

Through Colour, Sound and Aboriginal Wisdom, discover your true potential and find your real self.

Retreat Information:

  • 8 nights / 8 days in spectacular desert scenery.
  • Through colour and sound, discover your true potential and find your real self.
  • Accessing your inner knowledge with sound.
  • Linking with colour and Aura-Soma.
  • Understanding the Qabalah, experience the building of the Tree.
  • A life changing experience.
  • Symbolically experience building the Kabbalah (the tree of consciousness). Linking with the chakras and colour. Experience colour meditations with the essences of the Aura- Soma Ascended Masters


Book a sacred date with your Soul and then enter the timelessness, being one with ancient wisdom.

“Come to the desert to discover you soul in the quietness, ambience and stillness of this ancient landscape”

” … it is awesome on every level, the scenery, the knowledge shared, the music, the sharing. “


Christine 0408 181 208 e:
Vicki 0417 855 598 e:



Vicki Engeham
Vicki is an International teacher of Colour and Bodywork and Author of Chakra Massage Book.
She is the Director of The Australian Centre of Colour Therapy and Healing Arts. Vicki has worked with many forms of healing in Australia and Overseas since 1986. She provides a safe, loving and supportive environment in which to experience a powerful healing.

Christine Morrison
Christine is a Musical Alchemist, Sound Healer, Teacher, Musician and Composer working in Australia and Overseas. Her sounds and music connect you with your soul and other realms. Christine’s gentle and intuitive guidance helps you reach deeper into your self and unlock your inner gifts, developing the ability to hear your own soul sounds and access your inner knowledge




  • Experience the magic and beauty of sleeping under the clear star studded Central Australian night sky.
  • Ooraminna Station is famous for their hospitality and scenery.
  • Feel the Ancient land emerge as you step upon the land.
  • Swags are provided for sleeping – pillows supplied.
  • Experience the spectacular sunsets overlooking the Ooraminna Ranges.
  • Simple home cooked nutritious meals.
  • Hot showers and toilets are available.
  • Water is drinkable at Ooraminna.
  • Temperature range is 5°Celcius – 25°Celcius
  • Enjoy evenings of song, sound and laughter around the campfire.

Food & Accommodation is included at Ooraminna Ranges.


  • Experience the sacredness of Uluru & Kata Tjuta, connect with your sacred song within you, feel the oneness.
  • Experience the majestic Uluru at different times of the day.
  • Be immersed in the beauty of Kata Tjuta
  • Connect with the Ancients of this great land.
  • Feel the divine heart expansion within you.
  • Accommodation is provided in self-contained cabins at the campground with easy access to Yulara.
  • Food choices are flexible and are an extra expense in Yulura.
  • Choices can be simple from the supermarket and prepared in the cabin, and there are also many choices with the various restaurants and cafes in the Yulara resort area



“Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed our time at Ooraminna Station. Thank you for your sessions. I can only imagine the time and effort that you and Vicki put into making out time work so well. The healing I received was HUGE so thank you for your part in this. I enjoyed all we did – music, colour and honouring who we are. I hope all goes well for you in the future.”
Love and God bless, Helen.

“A magical life changing experience which stirred the depths of my being. Personally I have integrated the experience to enhance my already fulfilled life and feel privileged to have been a part of this experience.”
Carol O’Connell. Adelaide SA

“This is my second trip with Vicki and Christine and once again, I had a fantastic time, having space, sleeping under the stars and being taken on an inner journey with Sound and Colour, and meeting fantastic people. Brilliant, it’s a must do trip for anyone interested in self discovery inner and outer. Thanks Vicki and Chrissy.”
Love Santoshi. Teacher Byron Bay NSW.

“Spacious, red dust, grounding, fun, great learning, new friends, friendly, welcoming, exceptional, most loving experience.”

“The simplicity of sleeping and living with the land has created passion and drive within my persona. The knowledge that you have shared has been life changing.”

“Great company and great to meet so many enlightened beings. Thanks for the guidance Chris and Vicki. You are both very special people with special gifts.”

“Journey to the heart.”

“It was the best course I have ever done. It was the most wonderful space I would ever want to learn in. I love you all.”
Love Barbara.

“A sensational course in spirit and physical. Real knowledge of the land mixed with an opening of the heart and soul. Most enjoyable and fun. Much, much fun, laughter and ease. Lovely people, lovely surroundings. Perfect combination.”

“I have had many experiences during these days which allowed my being to enjoy, to feel, to learn, assimilate, explore, understand, play, dance, sing and therefore heal. I feel richly blessed having this course. Thank you both Vicki and Chrissie for this unforgettable experience.”

“An enlightening spiritual experience – a journey of the soul in a nurturing environment.”

“The knowledge that both Vicki and Chris have to facilitate another’s journey at a Soul level makes this a very worthy workshop – not one to be missed!”

“A grounding spiritual experience with education in Ancient wisdoms of the Earth.”



Christine 0408 181 208 e:
Vicki 0417 855 598 e: