‘Illuminating the light body’ – Chakra Massage 2

Chakra Balance Massage 2 – using the Aura-Soma Colour Care System

Course Content

Drawing on her many years as an experienced healer, Vicki Engeham has created this unique treatment which is a complete and holistic treatment for mind body and soul. This course is the follow up course after the Chakra Balance Massage Course, also created by Vicki Engeham.

This course will teach you the ‘Illuminating the Light Bodies’ treatment and will take you on a journey to find yourself, through the rainbow and beyond.  The Illuminating the Light Body Course teaches students to provide the “Illuminating the Light Body treatment” which has been explained below.

During this course, students will learn the whole back treatment sequence using the Aura-Soma relaxation oil and the treatment for the front of body which is designed to activate the Chakras and the Auric fields. To provide this unique treatment, students will learn the application of;

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• An Aura-Soma relaxation oil
• The Aura-Soma Vials
• Specially Selected Crystals
• The Aura-Soma Quintessences
• The Aura-Soma Pomanders
• Coloured Drapes
• Blessings
• The use of Sound
• The technique of ‘Sweeping’ the Body

Illuminating the Light Body – Treatment Experience

This treatment makes use of the Aura-Soma products as healing tools and is a whole body and soul experience which finishes with a relaxing foot massage. The ‘Illuminating the Light Body’ provides a nurturing holistic experience that will heighten a persons awareness to assist reaching the highest level of relaxation because it helps to;

  • Harmonize and rebalance the energies of the chakras;
  • Harmonize and rebalance the energies of the 7 layers of the aura;
  • restore the body and mind into a state of balance;
  • activate the chakras and the 7 layers of the Aura;
  • raise a persons consciousness through the experience of light, touch, crystals, sound and the Aura-Soma Colour Care System;
  • provide a magical journey that links with your soul;
  • facilitate the re-membering at many levels by connecting in a blissful way on a journey where a person finds themselves enjoying their own individual healing experience through the rainbow and beyond;
  • balance and activate the energies of the whole body.

Both clients and students who experience this very special treatment recall a magical journey linked with the soul and a raising of consciousness through the experience of light, touch, crystals, sound and the Aura-Soma Colour Care System.   In many ways, this treatment is a re-membering of several levels of the soul and brings soul and body connection in a blissful way.


2017 Courses

CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA – November 2017

Date: Friday 24th November to Monday 27th November 2017 (4-day course)
Time: Full Day (9.30am – 5pm Daily)
Venue: TBA
Cost:  $580.00 AUD

Includes Training Manual

Students receive a Course Certificate

Students are required to bring a linen set.

Facilitator Vicki Engeham
Deposit:   $200.00 AUD on or before 15th November 2017
Pre-Requisites: Chakra Balance Massage Course (by Vicki Engeham) http://www.colourtherapy.com.au/courses/chakra-massage/
Limited Places. Bookings Essential.

For bookings or more information, contact Nancy on 042 334 900 or email colourtherapy@hotmail.com          

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