Craniosacral Touch – Light – Body – Consciousness Course – Level 1.

3-day Course

Learn the art of combined Cranio Sacral training and Aura-Soma in this unique 3 day training course with Maria Darbellay from Switzerland.

This is the first time this course has been offered in Australia and a certificate will be provided by Dev Aura, United Kingdom for participants. 

After completing this course, students are able to give a full treatment in Craniosacral Touch and qualified therapists can also add this method to their treatment portfolio for their clients. 

Future course dates to be advised 

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About the course facilitator

Maria Darbellay is a qualified physiotherapist since 1986 and works with a holistic therapeutic approach. She has studied client-centered counseling by Carl Rogers; Acupuncture in the Radloff method; and Craniosacral Therapy in both Visionary Craniosacral Therapy and biodynamic craniosacral Therapy. 

Maria has been an aura-Soma consultant and teacher for all levels since 1995. She has has developed a unique method in which the Craniosacral Principle (Craniosacral Touch), connects with Aura-Soma. She teaches this method worldwide and gives seminars on these and other topics. For more about Maria visit (Note – this webpage can be translated into English once at the website).


About the therapy and the training course;

Craniosacral therapy is a bodywork, in which the greatest of care, attention and value of the client’s personality is encountered by the practitioner supporting self-regulation of the body so that positive changes for the client can take place. This form of treatment can be applied to people of all ages (from newborns up to elderly people.


The method of “Craniosacral Touch – Light – Body – Consciousness Course – Level 1” provides a combination of Craniosacral Therapy and the use of the Aura-Soma colour system. It is a unique treatment based on colours reflecting our needs whilst supporting the spirit and subtle bodies of our being through the Craniosacral touch and the products of Aura-Soma. These combined treatments promote our sensitivity and awareness on all levels of being to assist the unfolding of the consciousness to connect us deeper into cosmic forces. This is a relaxing treatment which enhances the creation of inner peace, thus contributing to greater well-being. This form of treatment is ideally suited to promote self-awareness and is helpful when used for treating psychosomatic complaints; to diffuse emotional being; and to assist regeneration after exhaustion.

Students of this course will learn the application of combined Craniosacral Balance with Aura-Soma techniques required to provide this treatment.

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