Aura-Soma Intermediate Level 2

NOTE: Please be advised that there are currently course content updates being processed for this course by Aura-Soma UK. Therefore the course information on this page is incomplete and awaiting updates.

Course Content

4 Day Course

Learn Aura-Soma Intermediate Level 2 in this 4 day intensive course which provides participants greater insight into other levels of Aura-Soma and is especially designed for individuals who wish to continue their Aura-Soma journey after the completion of the Foundation Level 1 Course.

This Level 2 Course is delivered by course facilitator Vicki Engeham and assisted by Tricia Sharkey.




The course will teach participants;

  • – In depth symbolism of colour and further associations of colours at all levels
  • – Consultation interpretation of the colour sections at four levels
  • – Aura-Soma, colour and their parallel with homeopathic miasms
  • – Aura-Soma and the Yogic view of subtle energies – interpretation at the chakra and subtle energy levels
  • – Numerology within the Aura-Soma range; the numbers on the bottles and their significance
  • – An introduction to colour correspondences with planetary energies and astrology
  • – Use of crystals and gems within Aura-Soma
  • – Colour in clothing and décor and the basic concepts in relation to Aura-Soma
  • – Further aspects of the Masters relating to the colour range and the Quintessences
  • – Colour breathing (how to begin)
  • – Synergy consultations, patterns and potential of relationships as revealed in the colour combinations chosen by others
  • – A deeper understanding of colour whilst learning more about yourself, your partners, families and friends through the study of Aura-Soma and numerology
  • – Practical demonstrations and practical application of Aura-Soma


Students must have undertaken the Aura-Soma Level 1 course before engaging in the Aura-Soma Intermediate Level 2 Course.

Course Dates

There are presently no 2018 course dates scheduled for this course.

Many Blessings