Aura-Soma Foundation Level 1

Course Content

Aura-Soma can best be described as a “non-intrusive, self-selective colour system” and the Level I, Foundation Course, is the starting point of a truly wonderful journey into the realms of Colour, and one which Aura-Soma will continually unfold for you. This course covers the selection process of the bottles, what each position represents and what we may discover within the colours of each position. The Level 1 Foundation Course is a gentle introduction to the deeper insights presented in the Intermediate and Advanced Aura-Soma Courses.

In the Foundation Level 1 Course, you will learn:

  • The origins of Aura-Soma, and how it came to be through Vicky Wall, a blind chiropodist
  • The Principles of Aura-Soma
  • An introduction to the complete Aura-Soma range: The Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles, Pomanders, Quintessences and Colour Essences
  • Colour Therapy, particularly Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours
  • The Language of Colour with the use of keywords that bring each Colour to life
  • Consultation and Interpretation of a person’s colour selections
  • An exploration of specific messages arising from each colour combination
  • Practical work with the Aura-subtle energies.
  • The functions and features of the Bottles as well as looking at the Chakras and the Human Energetic System
  • How to look for the flow of colours in a four bottle reading, as well as the significance of hidden, absent and complementary colours
  • About the special sets of Bottles Aura-Soma Bottles, including the Chakra Set, New Aeon Child’s Set, the Masters’ Set, and the Archangel Set

After the completion of your Foundation Course, you will be able to give readings for family and friends, clearly and confidently.

This course is a wonderful journey into colour. As it is an intensive training course, you really have time to let the learning soak in. Life will never look the same again after exploring these themes in depth.


Aura-Soma Readings 

The interpretation of a person’s 4 bottle selection is fundamental to the Aura-Soma system. You will find out what each selected bottle represents in the position it has been chosen; the difference between the upper and lower fractions; the soul connection of the first bottle; the gifts and challenges within the second; the current energies in the third and, finally, the future possibilities revealed within the fourth.

Aura-Soma is not a predictive system, but one which reveals the many possibilities and potentials that lie hidden within the Bottles and, consequently, within ourselves.

The Foundation Course will open up new and exciting pathways for your personal journey and, at the same time, gives you a beautiful tool with which you can assist, not only yourself, but many others along the way

2017 Courses


Date: June 30th; July 1st & 2nd and July 7th – 9th, 2017 (6 Day Course)
Time: Full Day (9.30am – 5pm daily)
Venue: 6 Lum Jim Street, Redlynch Valley, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.
Cost:  $740.00 AUD (EARLY BIRD PRICE)

Includes Training Manual

Students receive a Course Certificate

Facilitator Vicki Engeham 
Deposit:   $200.00 AUD on or before 20th 15 June 2017
Pre-Requisites: There are no pre-requites for entry into this course
Limited Places. Bookings Essential.

For bookings or more information, contact Vicki on 0417 855 598 or email          

Many Blessings