Aura-Soma Advanced Level 3

NOTE: Please be advised that there are currently course content updates being processed for this course by Aura-Soma UK. Therefore the course information on this page is incomplete and awaiting updates.

Course Content

The Aura-Soma Advanced Level 3 Course brings together, the information received during Levels 1 and 2 training and continues your journey with the Bottles. It is the last course of student training.  The Level 3 course provides the possibilities for us to awaken to higher levels of consciousness and open our hearts still further. This course helps us see the paths we have walked in the past and the new opportunities of the path we may tread in the future and provides the possibilities for us to awaken to higher levels of consciousness and open our hearts still further.

wethereby station dam

This course is held at Wetherby Station in beautiful Mount Molloy, Far North Queensland, and being a 4-day residential course, it gives students time to reflect on their life and to really take in this profound wisdom and knowledge.

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Students will learn: 

  • – Colour theory  of the Master bottles
  • – Continues your journey with the Bottles, with a particular focus on the Master Bottles (B50 – B64)
  • – How the evolution of consciousness is Portrayed through the Master’s Journey
  • – The bottles in relation to the Tree of Life and the Tarot and how they come together through the Bottles
  • – The Ancient Knowledge and mind mapping of the Kabbalah
  • – Personal exploration of the symbolism of the colour combinations through a variety of creative techniques
  • – Explore Mind Mapping to reveal the often hidden potential of our right brain and our feminine, intuitive energy.
  • – Using form and colour to assist the brain in making connections
  • – Interpretation of the bottles within the hidden colours
  • – Further develop consultation skills through awareness of the consultant, client and observer roles
  • – Exploring the Bottles in relation to the Tree of Life (also known as the Kabbalah or Qabbalah – an ancient mind map
  • – Exploring some components of the Tree of Life – 22 Paths, 10 Spheres and the 4 Worlds of Earth, Air, Fire & Water.

Pre-Course Essay

Before you attend the Level 3 Aura-Soma Advanced Course, you will need to submit a 2,000 word essay to Vicki. The essay may be on any topic you wish, but should reflect how Aura-Soma® has played a part in your life. Information about the Level 3 Essays and how to submit these will be provided in your enrollment pack. To enroll, please contact Vicki Engeham.
Wethereby Station

Food & Accommodation 
All meals are included in the accommodation costs as breakfast, lunch and dinner, and in keeping with Aura-Soma® concepts, all meals are vegetarian. If you have any specific dietary requirements please contact Vicki two weeks prior to the course commencement so you can be accommodated.

Accommodation in non-share private tents on the grounds at the remote Wetherby Station situated near shower blocks and toilets.Whilst all bedding is provided, it is also advised you bring a sleeping bag or extra blanket as it does get cooler in the evenings. Please also bring your own towel(s).


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Course Dates

There are presently no 2018 course dates scheduled for this course.

Many Blessings